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Keep Your Clippers Clean And Your Fades Cleaner

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Let's break it down, literally break the clipper down, the main component is the blades or teeth some might call them. This is what actually cuts your hair, they're sharp, cut close and depending on usage can get very hot. Hair will inevitably get in and around the blades making them stiffer and eventually end up clogging so they don't work to optimum performance and can not be as effective. They can move over time and become offset, believe me you enjoy it if this happens as it won't be comfortable at all. It's the barber's job as a professional to maintain their clippers by regularly servicing them, using oils to lubricate them through the day and to use a disinfectant spray in between each client to rid of germs and bacteria. Unfortunately the easiest part (disinfecting them ) won't be done by all barbers, some will be lucky to have no reaction and others can flare up through cross contamination from client to client. The industry we are in is important to keep the standards high and take the short amount of time it takes to clean equipment to help you (the client) feel at ease knowing hygiene is important to us.

The short video below shows the process we take to look after our equipment helping us look after you.

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