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Appointments Vs Walk Ins

At No Forty Seven Barbers we are mainly an appointment based barbershop. This isn't saying that we won't take walk ins, obviously we'll do the work if someone is free. 

Nobody likes waiting around for anything, you wouldn't plan to leave for a journey in rush hour traffic unless you had no other option. We give you the freedom and the option to fit us in when is suitable for you. 

Life can be chaotic enough without adding the 'barbershop lottery' of waiting in a long old line.  Even if its only one person in front, thats still time you could have been sat at home, in your pants, watching tv  giving yourself back some time from the never ending game of life chores. 

If you're a spur of the moment kind of guy surely even making the call to see if anyone is free is still better than chancing it, whats the worst that will happen? 


  • Guarantee the same barber over again, taking away the 'sorry i'm waiting for him' awkwardness'

  • Having the same barber means both barber and client get the chance to work together over a period of time allowing you to know how you like your hair, how your hair sits, growth patterns etc. 

  • Build a friendship, it's no longer a business transaction. The partner cant say 'off out socialising again' when its a haircut booked. (Yes we have a help yourself bar for you to enjoy)

  • Cut out the wait time. Queueing is everybody's least favourite thing when it comes to going to a barbershop, so take that part out by booking in. 

No Forty Seven Barbers is the only appointment based barbershop on Burnham High Street. We cant care about your hair unless you do, so beat the rush, hit the button and call to get booked in. 

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