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Skin Fade Difference

So we often get asked for skin fades, in our barbershop located on Burnham High Street. 


Some want it as bald as bald can go and others ever so slightly longer. In our shop we’ll determine before going straight in as to how ‘skin’ you actually want as although ever so slightly different in length can make a big difference. 


First off you’ll have skin/ zero on the normal clippers, the big ones you’ll see us using most the time when blending and doing clipper work. This with the lever shut is a zero but leaves more to be seen than the next example. 


Next up you have the trimmer ‘skin’ fade. This is what you’ll see us using when we line up and edge the haircut to finish giving a sharper look. This is shorter than on the big clippers and clean in look. 


Then we have the blade. This is the single blade in the cut throat handle. Cleaner still than the rest but not quite the baldest skin fade you’ll get. 


Last and a popular choice of skin fade is the foil shaver. This is the cleanest you’ll get in terms of skin. 

Gamma ergo clippers Skin Fade Burnham
Babyliss Skeleton Trimmer Skin Fade
Wahl Cut Throat Razor Skin Fade Burnham
Wahl % Star Shaver Skin Fade Burnham
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